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Aug. 16th, 2009 | 03:14 pm
feeling : pessimisticpessimistic
listening to: Lady Gaga - Wonderful

 Sunday Shopping, yo. To avoid spending the day inside avoiding the humidity, I tagged along with my mother on a wild excursion to buy bins for my brother's room. He's been cleaning it the past two or three days and bitching endlessly because he only cleans it once every five years, you know. He's not throwing anything out either. I'm curious what he'll be like in ten years. I'm curious what I'll be like in ten years, but that's inevitable.

I haven't rode my bike all summer. I only got it last year. My mom's not too impressed with this fact either. Tomorrow, if it's not too hot, I'll wake up at 7AM and bike around while everyone is still sleeping. I wonder how that will turn out.


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